November 13, 2011

The sky is no limit

Everyone has heard the phrase "The sky's the limit." My question is....why stop there?

Sometimes limits are a good thing. They do stuff like keeping you from spending money you don't really have, or from overindulging on sweets. Its a good thing to know your limits, but sometimes you need to push past them and reach, not for the sky, but for the stars and beyond.

We all have our dreams, whether its a career we've always wanted, or sharpening a skill we love. It could be a simple as just wanting to be with family during the most important moments of your life, or as complex as creating something so intricate and epic that people will remember it for years to come. So often people tell others about their dreams and then sigh about how they might as well wish for the moon. They've put a limit on what they think they can accomplish, and it's sad.

My mom and dad always told me the worst thing that can happen when you ask for or about something is that the answer ends up being no. We as a people are so afraid of rejection, that so many times we've let this fear stop us from turning our dreams into reality. We give up just as the finish line is sight, and then moan about how it will never be.

Maybe sad isn't strong enough a word. To hear people give up on their dreams, however flawed, its heartbreaking.

Keep pushing, keep trying, keep climbing the obstacles life throws at you and someday you'll finally reach the sky. It won't happen if you give up, and you'll never soar if you can't find your wings. Just remember, one day your dreams will be a reality, and you'll break the limit of the sky to soar among the stars.

~Sun and Moon

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