November 7, 2011

No pain, no gain

Sorry about the extremely late and short post today. You see, I spent most of my day yesterday climbing all over the registers at work, and today I scrubbed, mopped, swept, and vacuumed my apartment until it was reasonably clean. I've a wicked set of bruises on my knees and I feel like I've been hit with a bus, but at least I can invite over folks without cringing.

Anyway, I'm just now getting to bed after finishing a piece of artwork that has been sitting around for months. All in all it was a very productive day, even if I did miss a few items on the agenda. Mainly doing some editing for chapter 28, while dishes and laundry come in close second.

I'm kind of creeping along on chapter 28. In part because it's so darned rough that I'm forever stopping to reword something, or even take it out altogether. I'm still making progress though. Not much, but it's there. 

Well, I hate to say it, but I better get my behind to bed. Work start early tomorrow and I still have some cleaning to do afterwards.

G'night folks.

~Sun and Moon


  1. Sounds like you got an amazing amount accomplished!

  2. Yes, it was so nice to look back on the day and know I didn't waste any of it playing Sims 3 or something like that. Talk about satisfying :D