November 27, 2011

Watch your step

The holiday season is in full swing now, and my editing has slowed to a crawl as it usually does this time of year. Normally that ticks me off, but not this time. Right now I'm at that point where I need to slow down and watch my step as I tweak the last five chapters into shape for my beta readers.

Last sunday I spent my morning doing just that and even though I never did get to the work I wanted to do on chapter 28, I did manage to clean up a few things in chapter 27 that had been nagging at me. Today I'll be going back to polish the scene I changed and get the last snarl smoothed out. I may not get to chapter 28 today either, but at least I'm making progress somewhere, right?

And on that note, I'm off to get started on slipping that new scene into place. Then it's back to the drawing board to work on the latest concept for my book cover. Hopefully this time I get it right.

~Sun and Moon


  1. Best of luck with everything! I don't get as much done as usual around Christmas, either (as far as writing is concerned), but I'm kinda okay with that. ;)

  2. I think I've gotten to the point of as long as I make some kind of progress, I'm happy. It's just a little hard to remember that when I can hear the next book on my agenda calling my name....

    Oh well, there's always tomorrow, right? :D