March 4, 2012

When procrastination is a good thing

Yesterday I was cringing at the idea of posting yet another blog of how I'm stuck in chapter twenty-eight with little or no progress to report. So instead of writing my post last night and posting it this morning, I put it off in favor of Sims 2 and a good night's sleep. After sleeping in for the first time in about a week, I decided to do edits while I ate breakfast. I'm glad I did.

Every now and again, I have these moments when the part giving me trouble resolves itself and everything falls into place. Today it didn't go quite that cleanly, but the fight scene that was giving me trouble? Yeah, it's taken care of thanks to a little perspective from my husband based on his own experiences as a teenager. So now I just have one chunk of drama to resolve and the ending to polish up, and then I'll be done.

That will have to wait, however as today is the first day I've had off with my hubby in two weeks. I might still do more edits today, but the hardcore stuff will have to wait. Besides, I have two sculptures to paint and some merfolk to finish up, not to mention a bit of birthday fanart for one of my online pals to get done. I'll be back to work on edits tomorrow, but until then I'm off to play with paints and pencils while I watch Mythbusters episodes with my hubby and try to keep the cat's nose out of my brush tub.

Later guys,

~Sun and Moon


  1. What a creative existence you have. Luv it!

  2. Ahh. Art and hubby time is definitely a fabulous way to spend a day! And I love when that piece that you just can't seem to figure out works itself out when you are doing something ELSE. It's like magic! ;)

    1. It was heavenly. I even managed to finish some art for the first time in forever. It was SUCH a good day. :D

      Oh yes, I love those moments. I'd love them better if they didn't tend to come right in the middle of ringing up customers at work. Thank goodness for pocket notebooks and pentel pens :)p