May 6, 2012

Break time!

Chapter twenty-eight is finally done! I'll be sending it out to a couple beta readers within the next few days for final tweaking, but for now, it's done.


Out of morbid curiosity I went back through my old blog posts to see just how long I'd been working on this darned thing. The answer? Longer then I've ever spent on one chapter by about several months. As my birthday is right around the corner, I won't have this book done by then(darn it), but this summer is looking pretty promising for beginning book two(which is still without a title...ugh). I now have just two chapters left to tweak(and a new scene to write for one of them), and then I'm done with "New Beginnings" for a while. 

Of course, I'll still need to do another round or two of edits to trim out extra words and such. But for now it is done.

On that note, I'm off to work on a few art projects and catch up on some much neglected reading. My three day break officially starts today, so work on chapter twenty-nine will begin wednesday. I hope to have another art post that day, so I better get cracking.

~Sun and Moon

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