May 17, 2012

Why I didn't post a wordless wednesday...

Yes, I know I forgot to post yesterday, but I have a reason for the lack of a wordless wednesday. 

My birthday package arrived.

I've been waiting to order these for a while, so without further ado, I'll leave you with these pictures while I go catch up on old art projects and play with my new toys.

Enjoy. :D

I got the smaller one :)

I got the 24 count, but they don't have a picture for it.

I only got four colors. So expensive!

I just replaced colors I had almost used up. I already have this tin :D

For those of you who want to know...You can find all these things and more at, the best place to find good art supplies for an affordable price. Well...for the most part, anyway. :)

Anywho, I'm off to enjoy my birthday spoils. 

~Sun and Moon

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