July 15, 2012

Squish, squish

Is it possible to have a really busy week, and yet nothing really happened?

Maybe it's just me.

This past week has been nuts, but very satisfying. I've finished one commission and start the colors for another tomorrow. I'm not getting paid for these two as they were prizes for an online contest, but the learning experience alone has been worth it. I also finally broke in my new pastels. It was very messy and very awesome, and the art turned out lovely(as my husband told me...twice ;D ).

The new scene in chapter twenty-nine has already been scrapped once and I haven't even written the whole blasted thing yet. It needed to be scrapped though, trust me on that one. The newer version is better and more in line with the world I've created. Which means I'm kind of back to square one, but not really.

It helps that I put some free time to good use yesterday and worked on edits instead of lazing about in the car with the sun warming my skin. I would've done more, but I was at work and my shift was about to start. So I said goodbye to the cushioned comfort of the car and headed in to earn some money for those pesky bills that keep popping up. I have small hopes for getting more edits in sometime today. Very small hope. Microscopic, maybe.

In the meantime I better get moving. Today is already looking to be a busy one and my brain seems to have run away. I doubt it's gone far, but better safe then sorry. There has been a lot of zombie talk going around these days and I might need it later. Pardon me while I track it down.

~Sun and Moon

P.S. I am in serious need of sleep. And the number for the steamroller that hit me last night. I feel squished.... x_x

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