July 29, 2012

Yeah, about that

This is a bit of a rant. You've been warned....>_>

(Enter rant)------------------

Dear Blogger,

I would really appreciate it if you'd get a few things in gear. The first thing that comes to mind is the reply system for comments. Would it kill you to set things up so one knows when a reply is made to a comment thread you're involved in? Preferably WITHOUT having to sign away your email account in payment? Not to mention that it would be nice if my scheduled blog posts actually posted when scheduled instead of five hours later.

Yeah, get on that if you please.

Also, it wouldn't hurt if you could quit trying to get me to try your dandy new "Blogger Interface". The old one suits me fine. Especially since the new one is about as clear as mud. After spending my day dealing with modern day retail woes and hammering out both art and edits for my book...simple is best. Because spending five minutes just trying to find the darned button for one thing or another is not my idea of a good way to wind down for the day. No joke. 

Of course, I understand that these features may already be available and I'm just missing the boat. In which case, a little direction would not go amiss.

Think about it.

---------------------(end rant)

It's been a long week. My husband lost his job last tuesday and I've been doing what I can to pick up hours to make up for the loss of income while he looks for a job. The toll on us both is making itself known and I have never been less inspired or motivated to write. I'm trying, I really am, but you guys are going to have to be patient with me. 

Between one thing and another, I'm still picking away at edits as I try to adjust to crazy hours and handle the stress of hearing yet another company tell my husband "don't call us...we'll call you if we're interested" when he tries to call and check up on his application.

To be honest, it's not as bleak as it seems, but we've never been in this situation before and it's hitting us a little hard. 

Well, on that note I have to get going. I sold my self into slave labor for an easel this past wednesday. It's time to go pay up for the day.

~Sun and Moon   

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