July 8, 2012

Walking the line

Progress is a wonderful thing, but what to do when you're not sure if your solution walks the line between too much, or not enough? It can feel right, but sometimes you wonder. Normally when this happens I send the sticky bit to a beta reader, but I'm fresh out these days.

Oh well, at least it's progress, right?

 I've started in on the new scene for chapter twenty-nine, and while its not going as smooth as I'd hoped, it hasn't bogged down yet, either. Today I plan to sit down with it and hammer out the details. With it being so darned hot around here(100+ degrees, anyone?), it doesn't look like I'll be able to do much else without melting. Besides, it needs to be done and putting it off won't make it any easier.

It's wonderful to be moving forward again and I'm starting to get hyper about maybe starting the first draft for book two in August. That, and a new character is poking at me. The kicker is I can't start working on her story now as it's something that needs to be set up first. That hasn't stopped me from taking notes though. And while she doesn't have a name yet, so does have a nickname(weird, I know).

Art is finally starting to move along too. The stack of finished pieces is growing slowly, but surely as I sort through my abundance of works-in-progress and tackle them one after another. The plan is to start taking commissions sometime soon so I can have a little extra money for our vacation coming up. I've start haunting the park near our apartment, getting practice sketching buildings and trees(a couple of my weak points) and people watching. It's been too hot to head out there the past couples times I've had a day free from work. The few times I have gone out, I've managed some decent sketches.

Like I said before: at least it's progress, right?

Anyway, I better get my behind off the computer and head back to the studio. I've had a commissioner waiting ever so patiently for their art, and it's past time I got it done for them. Then it's more work on edits and some cleaning so I can finally get some general craftiness done. If I can get my rear in gear, I'll be sorting out llama wool tonight and cutting leather while I hang out with my husband.

Wish me luck :)

~Sun and Moon

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