October 20, 2013

Pass the tissues please...

First, I'm sorry about last weeks missing blog. I managed to get a cold and it laid me out pretty good. The new colder weather is definitely not helping. Brrrr...

The good news is that after sleeping for about twelve hours, I managed to finish applying edits to both chapters twelve and thirteen. Fourteen will be tackled tonight after I get back from my first driving lesson in almost ten years.

It ought to be interesting.

In other news, I still haven't had a chance to pick apart my keyboard and now the #1 key is out as well. I've lost my exclamation point, but the small number pad on the end of my keyboard still works, so at least I still have all my numbers...

I have to admit, all these changes are still making me twitchy. More often then not I find myself wondering if I didn't just ruin my story. Its pretty nerve-wracking. Hopefully when I'm finished, it'll all settle in and feel less trampled.

Anyway, I'm off to grab some food and some time with my laptop before my driving lesson. With a little determination, I might be able to squeeze out edits on another two chapters. I'm fast coming up on one of my favorite scenes, and its providing some pretty good incentive to push forward. 

Later guys,

~Sun and Moon

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