August 23, 2015

Fading days...

Summer is almost over, and fall(my favorite time of year to write and be creative in general) will be here soon. This past week I've been getting woken up by the school bus picking up the kids living in the apartment downstairs. The nights are chillier too(finally!), and soon I'll have to seriously try to convince my toddler to wear shoes.

Right. Somehow I doubt that'll go well.

As always, the changing seasons have sparked the need to clean up the apartment and reorganize stuff. I'm trying to tidy up all my loose ends, like old art projects, edit notes, and a fanfiction I wrote, finished, and never completely posted. The catch is trying to track down the finished bits when I have a laptop, two desktops, and several usb drives to check. I've narrowed it down to my laptop(which makes sense seeing as I do most of my writing on the darned thing), so hopefully that will get taken care of today.

Provided I don't spend a chunk of my time fishing a toddler out of the cat's water fountain like I did earlier this week. Nothing like washing soggy food bits and catnip of your wiggly baby, who happens to think splashing all the cat's water out of her fountain is great fun and must be repeated....yeah. It's blocked off properly at the moment, but with an ever more mobile toddler on the loose, it's only a matter of time.

 For now, there's a lull in the usual craziness and I'm off to take advantage of the quiet...or rescue the cat. Again.

It's a good thing kids are cute, right?

~Sun and Moon

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