January 1, 2012

Another year come and gone

Well, the holiday rush is over, but my brain is still feels like a pile of fried mush.  I'm back to work on chapter twenty-eight, but I can only do so much with fried mush so it's slow going.

I've knocked out one problem scene in the past week, and I'm working on tweaking another, but when you have new art books waiting to be read and new pencils just begging to be used...it's hard to stay on track. Today it was niether of those things that made this blog post late. Nope, I was just playing Sims 3 Pets and munching on some of the holiday goodies my family sent us home with. It's now almost six o'clock and I just now realized I hadn't written my blog post yet.

How embarassing.

Anyway, I'm off to go hammer more issues out of chapter 28 and do some hardcore cleaning. Then it's time to set up the two new lamps I bought yesterday. If they work out the way I hope, I'll be able to work on my art late at night instead of having to wait till morning or afternoon. Natural light is still the best, but you only get so much of the darned stuff during the winter. Fingers crossed, this will solve that dilemma for me.

Happy New Year, folks. May it be a good one for you. :)

~Sun and Moon

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