January 29, 2012

Never a dull moment

Well, I'm still working on chapter twenty-eight, but I'm not stuck anymore. Progress is slower then molasses in januray, but at least I'm getting somewhere. The fact I made any progress is amazing as we had to wipe our computer this past weeek and reload EVERYTHING.

Seriously, it sucked.

The reason for the major restart goes right back to the time we got that one virus last year. Well, what we didn't know was that while the virus was finally gone, it had left us a gift in the form of some serious damage to our computer's system. This gift, however, didn't pop up until last sunday. Luckily I had already written a blog post and scheduled it, so there was nothing to freak out about. Not yet, anyway. However, whether you're writing a new scene, or just try to arrange for stuff in everyday life, nothing ever goes according to plan. Throw a broken down car and a bad fuel pump into the mix, and you've got the potential for some serious fireworks on your hands.

Between one thing and another, we managed to get stuff worked out. Our computer is back up and working better then ever. The computer wizard who came over to save our bacon now has a new fuel pump to replace the one the gave out halfway to our apartment(it ended up getting towed to our place so my husband could fix it), and we have a start on our gaming computer for this fall. Today I spent my time visiting with my parents(dad's birthday was last monday), and hanging out with an old friend. This evening I plan to put in some more work on chapter twenty-eight and relax with my husband before heading to bed.

And on that note, I'm off to scrounge up something yummy. It's way past dinner and I'm hungry as can be. If I'm lucky, there'll still be some goat yogurt in the fridge.


~Sun and Moon  

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