January 15, 2012

One step at a time

I find myself a little reluctant to post today.

You see, I haven't made any real progress on chapter twenty-eight. All I've manged to do is figure out why my attempts to smooth out the latest snag haven't worked. Which is good, but the overall lack of progress still stings. It's so frustrating to stare at the same paragraph for hours and wonder why you can't seem to see past your own nose. Normally new books to read help me push through these moments to find the gold I accidentally washed down the drain, but not when the books in question are more fluff then feast.

This snag has me stopped in my tracks and while I've narrowed the possible fixes to two different paragraphs, they themselves need fixing as well. It's kind of a problem. Today I'm going to try once again to find a solution. Seeing as my track record lately is less then stellar, I don't expect much. Chances are I'll find myself wandering off to get lost in an art project that needs finishing, or one of the books that does have a bit of substance to it. Even so, I'm not about to throw in the towel either. Fingers crossed, I'll catch a break today and find the glitter among the slime.

In the meantime, I better get some hot water going on the stove. If I'm going to get anything done I'll need something to keep me warm while I work. Blankets are all fine and good, but nothing beats a hot cup of tea when there is snow on the ground. Except for homemade hot chocolate.

Hmm...Anyone have a can of cocoa? I seem to have misplaced mine :D

~Sun and Moon

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