January 22, 2012

Say again?

If you've been following my blog for a while, or if you know me personally, then you've probably noticed I'm a bit of a flake. So far this isn't much of a problem as long as I remember the important stuff like making sure the laundry is taken care of and getting dinner on the stove at a reasonable hour. To be honest, I'm still working on that part. Thank goodness I have the most understanding husband ever. He doesn't mind if meals are a little late because I got lost in my latest bit of artwork, and he has no problem peeling me off the computer on those occasions I'm still doing edits when its past time I was in bed.

These days that happens more often then not as I work to finish the latest round of edits for "New Beginnings" and get Book Two started by spring. And let me tell you, sleep deprivation does nothing for your brain. At least, it doesn't do much for mine. I'm usually a night bird, but trying to wrangle chapter twenty-eight into submission has got me seeking out the comfort of pillows and blankets long before the clock strikes midnight.

In an effort to change that I've been taking a break from my usual routine. Instead of doing my edits when I get off work, I've been doing them on my lunch break(or any other moment I can squeeze in), and then relaxing with my husband when I finally get home. So far I'm still stuck, but there's always tomorrow, right? 

In the meantime, I still have a few books I haven't read yet and a movie to watch. Chapter twenty-eight is up on my laptop and my latest doodle is lying next to it just waiting to be finished. One way or another I'm plan to log some serious hours today. Finger's crossed things will turn out, and I'll be tidying up chapter twenty-eight by the time my husband gets off work. 

Wish me luck :D

~Sun and Moon


  1. Best of luck! I hope your new plan makes for a lot more time relaxing with your hubby. :)

    1. So far, so good. Dealing with the virus damage this past week kind of forced me to stay away from the computer. I didn't get much editing done, but I spent a lot of time with my husband, so it's all good. :)p