April 29, 2012

Anyone have a flashlight?

Well, I have a new phone to replace the one I lost last sunday(which I still plan to continue to look for as you can't buy the darn thing at all anymore). I don't like it, but it works and that's really all that matters. Plus it was only about fifty dollars and people who are broke shouldn't complain, right?


Anyway, it took me a while to calm down(about two days...ugh), so I didn't finish chapter twenty-eight like I thought I would. I am, however, on the last three pages. I have two small snags to fix and I'm good to take a break before plunging into chapter twenty-nine. They aren't really all that major, but I still want to fix them. It's like they say: life is stranger then fiction. It doesn't have to make sense cause it actually happened. In a book it must make sense though, or your reader is going to be having words with you.

One of those snags I need to fix is exactly that. Something small that doesn't make sense. It might get over looked on the first read thru, but not the second. I don't know about anyone else, but I want to write books people will put on their bookshelf and read until the binding is about broken and the pages are tattered. That means smoothing out the parts that make people wonder where you left your common sense. 

Today I'll be doing just that(working on the snags, not looking for my common sense). If all goes well, I'll be taking a break soon and then starting twenty-nine sometime this week. Also, keep your eyes peeled this wednesday for another art post. I have a handful of sketches, a Work In Progress, and a piece I finished up just this morning. It should be fun. And very colorful, but mostly fun cause only the newly finished piece has color right now. That might change, but for now we'll have to wait and see. :)

I've gotten to the point where I can see a light at the end of this tunnel. Which is good seeing as my batteries are about drained. Anyone have a flashlight I could borrow? Mine is starting to flicker. 

~Sun and Moon

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