April 1, 2012

My keys are evil

Be nice to your keys...they bite.
Yesterday while getting my keys into my pocket, they wrapped around my hand and wacked my knuckle. Instant bruise. Also, some painful swelling. Most of my work shift was running the self checkouts, so this wasn't too much of a problem. Except I couldn't write or draw.

Ouch. :p

By the time I got home I could bend it, but it still ached, so I goofed off and went to bed instead of doing edits like I was supposed too. So seeing as I promised you guys some of my artwork if I figured out my watermark issues(I did), I thought I'd go head and post some(they're posted them from oldest to newest, by the way). I'd feel guilty about not writing a whole blog post, but this way I can get back to work on those edits I put off yesterday. We'll be back to regular blogging next sunday. I hope you don't mind the interruption. :) 

~Sun and Moon


  1. Your artwork is really amazing. I especially love the girl with the antlers, but these are all lovely. I'm really impressed.