April 22, 2012

Ways a ruin a good day

Misplace your phone the day before, not worried because you can just have your husband call it later.

Wake up the next morning to realize you really don't have a clue where it could possibly be and ask husband to call it.

Husband gets your voicemail. 

Start looking for dead phone in a house that really ought to be cleaned. After searching all the usual places, including the art mess you left in the living room last night after working on art that was to be finished TODAY, you come up empty.

Proceed to use some choice words and check the car.


Eat lunch and try to remember when you had you phone yesterday. The good news is both you and your husband remember you having it at home after work. Bad news is you still have no idea where you left it.

The book sale you wanted to go to today is half over at this point. You can't even go visit the friend you were planning to see today, because the address to his new place is on your missing phone. 

Throw a book at a wall and stalk down the hall. Slam the door behind you and have a small break down because you STILL can't find your damned phone.

Realize you haven't written your blog post for the day and since there's no way you'll be able to finish chapter twenty-eight while you're feeling the need to strangle something, there's really no point in waiting.

Stare at empty screen for all of two minutes and start typing.


And that, my friends, is how good days go bad. Pardon me while I go clean my apartment and resist the urge to cause serious bodily harm. Regular, more cheerful posts will resume next sunday.

~Sun and Moon   


  1. Dang! That's too bad. I really hope you find it before you go crazy!

  2. Nooooo! That's the worst :( I hope you find it soon! I feel so naked without my phone.

    1. I never realized how much I used it until now. So frustrating....and awkward. Hmm...yeah, naked kinda does say it all, doesn't it? :)p